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JavaScript Internationalization API

ECMAScript Internationalization API Specification (ECMA-402 Edition 1.0) was approved in December 2012.

What is the status of browser support?

An internationalization checklist

My internationalization checklist. I have used it in many occasions, as reminder, and to put some structure in what I do.

CharMapEx – Some kind of character map :-)

This is a small tool that started as a private investigation into the functionality of some Windows API, to grow into a “CharMap” with some extras.

How to test if a user is Administrator on localized systems?

On some of the localized Windows version the names of the Administator uses and the Administrators group is translated. How to test in a locale-independent way if a user is Administrator?

Mojibake, question marks, and other troubles

Dealing with the most common character corruption problems in DBCS localization

Basic lingo

Tring to help you “grok” terms like character set, charset, coded character set, code page, encoding

Visual Studio Unicode projects

How to change a Visual Studio project to compile as Unicode

String API and internationalization

What string class/API is best for internationalization?

“Reverse IME” (getting hiragana/katakana/pinyin/bopomofo from kanji)

Obtaining pronunciation information from Kanji using the MS IME API

Data internationalization

Most articles and books will teach you how to display data in a locale sensitive way. This article will try to show how to serialize or communicate in a locale insensitive way.