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Privacy Policy for my Android Applications, and not only

It applies to both Unicode CharMap – Full and Unicode CharMap – Lite.

It also applies anything I (Mihai Nita) put out on this site or anywhere else, like for example my Eclipse plugins.

My applications don’t collect, steal, store, send or share any of your data, period.

There are no ads, not payments, not nags.
I don’t use any tracking components, written by me or third parties.
The Android applications have no permissions, so they can’t connect to the network.

Since information is not collected, it can’t be stolen, demanded, subpoenaed, leaked of abused.

About me: my name is Mihai Nita, hence the site name.
I am a lone developer, with a full time job. I don’t have a company, and what I do outside my job I do for fun, to learn, and share it for free.

You can contact me about the Android apps using the email listed in the app store, or provide any feedback using the app store.
For the Eclipse plugins you can open issue to the coresponding project on my github page.

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