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Archive for the ‘C/C++’ Category

ToUnicode – Automating some of the steps of Unicode code conversion (Windows)

A small tool that goes though C/C++ files and changes them to (almost) compile as Unicode.

TaskBarCmd – programmatically change the Windows Taskbar settings

This is a small tool to change Windows taskbar settings from command line (hide/show, set the “keep on top” option, etc.)

CharMapEx – Some kind of character map :-)

This is a small tool that started as a private investigation into the functionality of some Windows API, to grow into a “CharMap” with some extras.

How to test if a user is Administrator on localized systems?

On some of the localized Windows version the names of the Administator uses and the Administrators group is translated. How to test in a locale-independent way if a user is Administrator?

Mojibake, question marks, and other troubles

Dealing with the most common character corruption problems in DBCS localization

Visual Studio Unicode projects

How to change a Visual Studio project to compile as Unicode

String API and internationalization

What string class/API is best for internationalization?

“Reverse IME” (getting hiragana/katakana/pinyin/bopomofo from kanji)

Obtaining pronunciation information from Kanji using the MS IME API

Customized GetNumberFormat and GetCurrencyFormat

The GetNumberFormat and GetCurrencyFormat Windows API accepts a pointer to a structure or NULL. But there is no API to fill the structures with the values matching a certain locale.

How SBCS-MBCS-Unicode application interact with Windows

Explains why the ANSI-Unicode applications separation, and why the limitations of ANSI applications cannot be solved without moving to Unicode.