Internationalization Cookbook
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Force maven “Run Configurations” to show colors

This is not needed starting with Eclipse 2022-09 (4.25) From Eclipse 2022-09 the official Eclipse Console supports ANSI escape sequences: And the maven support was updated to take advantage of that functionality. Once per Eclipse workspace: add an external maven installation From “Preferences” go to “Maven” → “Installations” and click the “Add” button. Make sure […]

Dark Eclipse – for those tired of white :-)

A dark theme for Eclipse, for documents and UI itself.

Color logging with Maven

Starting with version 3.1.0 maven uses slf4j for logging.
This opens the gate for a lot of nice tweaks.
One of them is the ability to log using colors, matching the logging level.

JavaScript Internationalization API

ECMAScript Internationalization API Specification (ECMA-402 Edition 1.0) was approved in December 2012.

What is the status of browser support?

Eclipse plugin – External Filter

This Eclipse plugin allows you to take text content from an Eclipse document, process it through an external tool, and the make the result available in Eclipse at the end.

Eclipse plugin – ANSI Escape in Console

This Eclipse plugin interprets the ANSI escape sequences to color the console output. This can be pretty handy when using something like jansi

But is also works if you output escape sequences directly from Java. Or from Perl, C++, or Groovy, or any other Eclipse hosted language.

An internationalization checklist

My internationalization checklist. I have used it in many occasions, as reminder, and to put some structure in what I do.

Changing default “Warning Level” and “Treat Warnings as Errors” for Visual Studio wizards

Once in a while I create new projects using the Visual Studio wizards. Then one of the first think I do is go and change the “Warning Level” to 4 (default is 3) and change “Treat Warnings as Errors” to Yes (default is No). This is how you can do it once and for all.

ToUnicode – Automating some of the steps of Unicode code conversion (Windows)

A small tool that goes though C/C++ files and changes them to (almost) compile as Unicode.

TaskBarCmd – programmatically change the Windows Taskbar settings

This is a small tool to change Windows taskbar settings from command line (hide/show, set the “keep on top” option, etc.)