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Problems using Unicode characters with RTF controls in dialogs

Although the application is Unicode, it seems that the RichText controls hosted by dialogs cannot accept Unicode strings from the API.

Customized GetNumberFormat and GetCurrencyFormat

The GetNumberFormat and GetCurrencyFormat Windows API accepts a pointer to a structure or NULL. But there is no API to fill the structures with the values matching a certain locale.

Starting Mac Programming – Chapter two – my first program

I am starting to write my first application. No books, not nothing. Just jump and try to swim.

Starting Mac Programming – Chapter one

Making the Big (Mac) decisions: what to buy, what compiler, Carbon or Cocoa?

Starting Mac Programming

I am moving to the dark side: learning some Mac programming. Not to become an expert, but at least to see how internationalization works in that part of the world :-)

Setting the user and system locales

One of the most basic operations. You will need to do this countless times if you have to use non-Unicode applications to manipulate localized data (for instance if you have to resize Japanese resources in Developer Studio .NET 2003 or earlier).

How SBCS-MBCS-Unicode application interact with Windows

Explains why the ANSI-Unicode applications separation, and why the limitations of ANSI applications cannot be solved without moving to Unicode.