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Starting Mac Programming

After many years of Windows, I am finally starting to take a look at Mac OS programming.

Not that I love Windows, but it just happened that my previous working place was a mostly Windows shop. Now, at my new job, most of the applications are multi-platform. I don’t have to become an expert in Mac OS programming, but I want to get up to speed on how internationalization works there.

I already know how Mac localization works. I know about resource forks, .nibs, folder structure, and all that enchilada. And when, on occasion, I had to read some code, I was able to understand a bit (probably as much as a German reading Dutch :-)). But now I want the real thing.

Let me tell you why am I writing about this: because I want to be able to read it later and remember how it was. Many years ago I have moved from platform to platform more often. From Spectrum to CP/M, to RSX11-M (for PDP11), to MS-DOS, HP-UX, Window, Linux.
But this time I want to record the new sensations, the puzzlement, the stupid questions and misunderstandings before I grok it.

So, before flaming me, remember what this is all about: the first encounter of a (mostly) Windows developer with the Mac OS programming. I will make mistakes and ask questions that are dumb for most of the seasoned Mac programmers and (hopefully) for me too, in a couple months. But if you are a Mac programmer, it might also make you take a fresh look at something you are using daily.

And later I will have something to read and laugh about, remembering how it is when you are a “noob”, when all is new around you and you have plenty of puzzles to solve.

So, here we go!

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