Internationalization Cookbook
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Getting started

Starting somewhere at the beginning of 2001 I have posted the first answer on an internationalization question.

After about 4 years of answering internationalization and localization questions, mostly on, but not only, it seems that some of the questions come up again and again: “why do I get question marks when I paste Japanese in resource editor?”, “I have an application, never localized, but now I have to bite the bullet and do it. How do I start?”

So I was thinking about puting together an FAQ, or a site with “recipes”, but I was just a bit too lazy to start. Then I have discovered that my news reader (XNews) saved all my answers. And everything seamed a bit easyer :-)

So here it is. I am not sure how it will evolve. I know that for now I want to add a contact form, some categories and a search to help finding things. Make it work like a real cookbook: search the recipe, find the solution. I do not plan to make a blog here, but who knows :-)

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